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How it works

5 simple steps to create your first risk assessment
Risk Assesment How it works

1. Sign Up

  • Add in a few details to sign up. It only takes about 30 seconds
  • You can create 3 risk assessments for free – no credit card needed!
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2. Begin your first risk assessment

  • Just use the Create option to begin searching our library of over 250,000 substances
  • Select the substance you want to use
  • You can create a test assessment and archive it later

3. Outline the task

  • Add in a bit about the task being carried out the substance
  • Add coloured text, images, tables, hyperlinks and a whole lot more…

4. Identify and assess risks

  • Check over the substance details
  • Review the hazards
  • Add in some controls to help reduce the risk

5. Print or share your assessment

  • View a draft, and publish your assessment
  • Print and share your assessment with your team

See what our satisfied clients have to say about Sevron Ltd

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Sevron has been a solid addition to my business, providing a very easy to use portal for RAMS and COSHH; which has saved a lot of time from writing up the documents manually, while also providing peace of mind on compliance. The staff are all very friendly and exceptionally helpful and would recommend their service to anyone considering this type of system
Sevron is user friendly and easy to navigate, If you did not know the system to begin with it is easy to work it out with the systems help. Risk assessments are stored and have easy access with a reminder of when they are due for review, the incident logs are again user friendly
Tim Devlin
We use this system for our COSHH assessments. From start to finish it’s easy to use with a plethora of MSDS available to use which then self populate all the hazardous you need to address. Once finished you can print out the assessments, which look very professional, or readily access them via Sevron’s website
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Sevron Ltd is a leading risk assessment company that helps businesses stay fully compliant with COSHH regulations. With our COSHH 365 system, companies can produce simple and effective risk assessments for their entire business. At Sevron Ltd, we understand the importance of protecting your employees. So let us help you assess your risks and ensure your safety today.
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