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Easy Access and Management of your Substance Inventory

Build your library + access our free library of over 200,000 MSDS.
Struggling to find your MSDS? No problem you can request it and we will get it for you.
Store your MSDS online and we keep them up to date for you!
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See what our satisfied clients have to say about Sevron Ltd

Sevron has been a solid addition to my business, providing a very easy to use portal for RAMS and COSHH; which has saved a lot of time from writing up the documents manually, while also providing peace of mind on compliance. The staff are all very friendly and exceptionally helpful and would recommend their service to anyone considering this type of system
Sevron is user friendly and easy to navigate, If you did not know the system to begin with it is easy to work it out with the systems help. Risk assessments are stored and have easy access with a reminder of when they are due for review, the incident logs are again user friendly
Tim Devlin
We use this system for our COSHH assessments. From start to finish it’s easy to use with a plethora of MSDS available to use which then self populate all the hazardous you need to address. Once finished you can print out the assessments, which look very professional, or readily access them via Sevron’s website

Protect Your Staff With FREE Online SDS Training Courses

The COSHH Risk Assessor Certification
The COSHH365 Software Certification
Understanding COVID-19: 3 Course Pathway
Mental Health Awareness Courses
Access even more health and safety courses on The Knights Of Safety Academy.

A Library Of Safety Data Sheets At The Click Of A Button

Are your struggling to find the latest safety data sheets you need?
That’s where MSDS365 comes in, you can search our online safety data sheet library just like google and download them directly to your computer!

With over 250,000 of the latest safety data sheets its never been so easy to find safety data sheets online.

Our library is constantly being updated by our dedicated MSDS management team to ensure you can find the ones you need as quickly as possible.
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Shield your business now. Get our safety data sheets.

Protect yourself and your team. Access our safety data sheets now. Don't compromise on safety - stay informed!
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Let Us Do The Hard Work For You!

Struggling to find the safety data sheet you need? Unable to find it on the manufacturers website? Need the latest version of a MSDS?
If the answer is yes to either of those then MSDS365 can help you in three easy steps:
Step 1
Simply fill out the details of the MSDS your looking for.
Step 2
Your request comes through to our dedicated safety data sheet team here at Sevron, they will go and get the latest version for you.
Step 3
Once we have it, we will upload it into the system for you and notify you when its available to download.
Its that easy, why not take a free 14 day trial today and see for yourself how quick we can get the safety data sheets for you!
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COSHH Folder in the Cloud

Store Your COSHH Folder In The Cloud

Get rid of your messy files and folders and be safe knowing your COSHH folder is always up to date!
Keep all your safety data sheets safe and secure in the cloud.
Accessible from anywhere, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.
We keep your safety data sheets up to date for you and notify you when a new revision is available.
What are you waiting for? Get rid of your safety data sheet headache today!

Central location for all your health & safety information

An all-in-one solution for COSHH, SDS inventory, risk and incident management. Trust Sevron Ltd for easy access to comprehensive and reliable health and safety information.

Our cost-effective solutions guarantee maximum safety standards in your workplace. Contact us now.
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Central location
Assess your risks, ensure your safety with Sevron Ltd!
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Sevron Ltd is a leading risk assessment company that helps businesses stay fully compliant with COSHH regulations. With our COSHH 365 system, companies can produce simple and effective risk assessments for their entire business. At Sevron Ltd, we understand the importance of protecting your employees. So let us help you assess your risks and ensure your safety today.
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