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Keep your business safe with risk assessment services from Sevron Ltd

Let Sevron Ltd be your go-to in risk assessment and protection. Our team of professionals possess years worth of experience in recognising and addressing risks, enabling you to conquer any challenge or adversity with assurance.
We recognise that risk is a continuously evolving setting and necessitates an individualised strategy to guarantee your business remains safe.
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See what our satisfied clients have to say about Sevron Ltd

Sevron has been a solid addition to my business, providing a very easy to use portal for RAMS and COSHH; which has saved a lot of time from writing up the documents manually, while also providing peace of mind on compliance. The staff are all very friendly and exceptionally helpful and would recommend their service to anyone considering this type of system
Sevron is user friendly and easy to navigate, If you did not know the system to begin with it is easy to work it out with the systems help. Risk assessments are stored and have easy access with a reminder of when they are due for review, the incident logs are again user friendly
Tim Devlin
We use this system for our COSHH assessments. From start to finish it’s easy to use with a plethora of MSDS available to use which then self populate all the hazardous you need to address. Once finished you can print out the assessments, which look very professional, or readily access them via Sevron’s website
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That's why we collaborate with our customers to pinpoint areas of exposure or danger, comprehend the distinct risks they encounter and deliver tailored services that are custom-made for the specific requirements of their organisation.

Our risk assessment services offer a wide range of solutions, offering risk assessment tools, comprehending regulatory frameworks in various industries and preemptively preparing for any disruptions to your business projects or operations. Moreover, we provide training initiatives and workshops that teach you how best to implement risk management strategies and risk reduction policies without sacrificing the objectives of your company.

Here at Sevron Ltd, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the ultimate peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is safe and secure. Our team strives to provide an exceptional service tailored towards results - allowing you to confidently go about running your operations without worry or fear.

With us by your side, you can rest assured that your business is always in safe hands!

Don't let poor customer service be the downfall of your company - trust Sevron Ltd to get the job right!

At Sevron Ltd, we prioritise customer service above all else and it reflects in the high ratings our clients have given us.

Our team of experts are well-versed in keeping up with product technology, as well as chemical safety regulations, to ensure that you're compliant while still increasing your business success. This holistic risk approach has been a major factor in setting ourselves apart from other competitors - so much so that we often receive glowing reviews!

If you want to reap the benefits of growth while staying within compliance guidelines, then look no further than Sevron Ltd!
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Need help with compliance? Sevron Ltd is here to ensure your chemicals are easily managed and tracked.

Are you looking for a reliable partner to guarantee that your business meets all safety and compliance standards? Sevron Ltd is the answer!

Our experts ensure that you have an in-depth understanding of any chemicals used within your organisation, so you can constantly monitor risk levels while keeping up with essential safety assessments.
We take pride in helping companies stay compliant and providing staff with secure working environments—it's our mission to help businesses thrive!

Our team of experts is available to assist you every step of the way and answer any questions that arise throughout the development or process.

Our risk assessment services assure you of accuracy and efficiency, even in the most intricate scenarios. With Sevron Ltd by your side, rest assured that all compliance needs can be met with our top-notch risk assessments.

Get in touch today at ⁠+44(0)28 4378 0470 to find out how we can help equip your business for success!

Reduce risk in the workplace with tailored risk assessments from Sevron Ltd

Searching for risk assessment services that are dependable, accurate and straightforward? Sevron Ltd is your solution! We specialise in personalised assistive technology and tailored risk assessment solutions to meet any of your business requirements. Plus, with us, you get more than what you bargained for:
Custom hazards and controls to suit your risk assessment needs
Centralised location for all the health and safety information of employees
Cloud storage so risk assessments are easily accessible at any time
FREE COSHH training courses available via The Knights of Safety Academy
Reasonable access to a large SDS database maintained by ISDSS to easily search for relevant Safety Data Sheets
At our organisation, we pride ourselves on risk assessments - and for good reason. We are well-versed in the significance of these safety reviews to a successful business, so why not make it worry free with us? Our dependable service will create an easy-to-grasp solution that is standardised and aesthetically pleasing. Contact us now to find out how our team can help support you!

Get protected with Sevron Ltd: Risk assessment services for your Business

Sevron Ltd is the ideal choice to ensure your risk assessment needs are met.

Whether you run a large or small business, we offer tailored services designed to conduct an in-depth audit of your operations and guarantee safety, security and compliance across all areas. Rely on our seasoned team of professionals to identify any potential risks that could impact you, as well as your employees, customers and brand image.

Contact us today for more details about how we can help guard your enterprise!
Risk assessment services for your Business
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Let us handle your risk assessments.

Don't risk penalties, hire our compliance experts for risk assessments that save you time & money. Stay compliant with confidence!
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Still have questions about risk assessment? Check out our FAQs!

What is risk assessment?

Risk assessment is a crucial aspect of risk management, as it helps organisations comprehend their inherent risk environment and recognise control measures to reduce or eliminate any possible negative consequences. This process includes analysing the seriousness and probability of risks and then evaluating them in order of importance. With thorough examination, an organisation can take preventative action to avert undesirable situations from occurring.

What are the steps in risk assessment?

Risk assessment procedures follow a thorough five-step process - identify hazards, analyse risks, evaluate risks, control risks and review risk assessments. It all starts with pinpointing the possible hazard that could lead to an adverse outcome. Then comes risk analysis; this means assessing the probability of it occurring and estimating its impact. Moving on is the evaluation step which uses data obtained after performing risk analysis as a basis for judgement. Finally, applying proper safeguards or controls can help reduce any untoward event to an acceptable level before you review your entire appraisal process once more.

How can risk assessment help an organisation?

Risk assessment is a vital tool for organisations to identify and evaluate the potential threats they may face, determine how likely it is that those risks will occur, calculate their severity and impact, and develop necessary risk control measures to minimise any losses or damages caused by them. Moreover, this process helps an organisation stay compliant with legal obligations and regulations while possibly decreasing insurance liabilities. When done correctly, risk assessment enables companies to gain greater insight into the risk landscape to better manage it proactively.

What are the best practices for risk assessment?

Establishing risk management as a priority in your organisation, engaging risk owners and stakeholders in the evaluation process, analysing all areas of risk thoroughly, and evaluating risk factors accurately are essential to successful risk assessment. Additionally, it is paramount to periodically review and update existing risk assessments to make sure they remain relevant while exploring ways of reducing or eliminating potential threats via control measures or preventive actions.

What is a COSHH assessment?

A COSHH assessment is a risk assessment specifically related to hazardous substances. The acronym COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. It's a UK health and safety regulation that applies to any organisation that uses, produces, stores, transfers or handles hazardous substances.

The purpose of a COSHH assessment is to identify any risks associated with the use of hazardous substances and to put in place controls to mitigate those risks. The assessment must be reviewed and updated regularly in order to properly ensure the health and safety of everyone in your organisation.

What are the different levels of risk, and how are they determined in a risk assessment?

In general, risk assessment involves the identification of potential hazards, the analysis of the likelihood and severity of harm that could result, and coming up with appropriate measures to manage or mitigate those risks. The levels of risk associated are often categorised based on factors such as the likelihood of an incident or harm occurring, the potential severity or impact of that harm, and the overall level of uncertainty or variability in the risk assessment process.

Some common risk level categories include low, medium, and high risk, with more specific definitions and criteria used to determine which category a particular risk falls into. Ultimately, the goal of a risk assessment is to ensure that risks are effectively managed and balanced against other important factors such as cost, feasibility, and stakeholder input.

What is acceptable risk, and how is it determined in risk assessment?

Acceptable risk refers to the level of risk that an individual or organisation is willing to tolerate in a given situation. Determining this level depends on various factors, including the importance of the activity or decision, the potential consequences of failure, and the resources available for risk mitigation. In risk assessment, acceptable risk is typically defined by a risk management plan, which guides decision-making based on the identified risks and their potential impacts.

What are dynamic risk assessments?

Dynamic risk assessment is a process of continuously assessing and monitoring potential risks and hazards that may arise during an activity or operation. Unlike traditional risk assessments, which are conducted prior to the commencement of an operation or activity, dynamic risk assessments are ongoing and adapt to changing conditions in order to ensure the safety of those involved.
Assess your risks, ensure your safety with Sevron Ltd!
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Sevron Ltd is a leading risk assessment company that helps businesses stay fully compliant with COSHH regulations. With our COSHH 365 system, companies can produce simple and effective risk assessments for their entire business. At Sevron Ltd, we understand the importance of protecting your employees. So let us help you assess your risks and ensure your safety today.
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