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Safety365 Anniversary Update


Wow its nearly been another year.

To celebrate our tenth year in business we have been working hard on developing a new update incorporating some of the additions and features you our clients have wanted, the feedback you have given us has been fantastic! And before you say “oh no not another update” don’t worry its optional you will have the ability to switch between the current and anniversary versions to use the one you like best.

The main changes can be seen below and full update/patch notes are at the bottom.

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What can you expect?

Updated UI (User Interface)

  • We have made a lot of changes to the UI of the system the menu has been moved to the left and each element of the system now has been grouped together in sections to make it easier to navigate.
  • You can now customise the dashboard by adding new widgets and moving them around to suit your requirements (Anniversary Update Only)
  • Support for multilingual update which will allow you to change the language of the system, this will be released in a future update (Coming soon…)
Current Look
New Look

Publishing Assessments

Instead of creating a PDF every time you publish an assessment a revision of the assessment is stored as a snapshot in the system increasing the speed at which it takes to publish, this is also to enable the following features in the future.

  • Being able to edit a previous published assessment.
  • Roll back an assessment to a previous revision if yours has been overwritten accidentally.

Note: PDF Documents can still be downloaded at any time for you to send/share.

When is this happening?

Saturday 14th October 2017 12:00pm – Sunday 15th October 2017 12:00am

The system will be unavailable between these times while the system is migrated to the new server and the update will be launched.

If you need any risk assessments or data on this date please download them beforehand to ensure you have access to them.

Full Update/Patch Notes 

Anniversary Update V1.0.0


  • New server architecture.
    • Should eliminate system slowdown.
    • Will require monitoring and refining for a while after launch to get best performance.
    • Fixed: System timeout (notification at 30 minutes of inactivity – logs out at 2 hours).
  • Optional refreshed system UI.
    • Manageable dashboard widgets.
    • Rearrange, add/remove widgets on your dashboard to suit your preference.
  • Added Walkthrough’s to selection along side COSHH Tutorial.
    • Walkthrough’s have lasting effects, to be used to assist in a process, rather than just an overview of the process.
  • Updates to system framework, including;
    • Various security patches.
    • Removal of unnecessary system packages – reduced load times on pages that had numerous plugins which are now unused.
  • Multilingual system content incoming.
  • Minor text fixes.


  • Improved publish process
    • Assessment Checklist in all editors, for all assessment types.
    • ‘Publish Options’ now only include options that affect the document.
    • ‘Send Assessment’ options available after publish, no need to republish if you missed the setting.
    • Assessment revisions stored as snapshot of Assessment Data rather than PDF Documents.
      • PDF Document can be generated at any time for download to send & share.
      • Allows future comparison of revisions, for viewing changes between revisions.
      • Removes issue where users had experienced errors in publishing assessments, and that error was the content of the resulting document, for all future published assessments.
  • PUWER form now scrolls to top of a section when opened.
  • ‘Things to Consider’ sections expanded to be more appropriate.
  • Hazard Control tabs now ordered more sensibly.
  • Fixed: ‘Spillage, Storage and Waste’ not able to be removed when published assessments.
  • Fixed: ‘People Affected’ saves entries that are not set in ‘Custom People Affected’ settings.
  • Fixed: Assessments Table counts when filtering by status.
  • Fixed: Adding substances to assessment from Substance Inventory – search now matches that of the Substance Inventory area.
  • Fixed: “Archive” and “Un-Archive” text in table options now reflects the current state of the table correctly.

Substance Management;

  • Alternative Substance search.
    • Clearer filtering by Manufacturer, Regulation, and Language.
    • Preview of associated SDS and hazard icons where available.
    • More accessible options for using your desired substance.
  • Reordered table columns for consistency across inventory & approved list.
  • Table now shows and allows filtering by CAS Numbers.
  • Fixed: Can now remove a supplier, instead of only being able to replace a supplier if set.
  • FIXED: ‘Previous’ button on substance search to add to inventory or assessment.


  • Integrated Incidents as a system module of Safety365™.
  • Submission details on Incidents can now be edited after editing attributes of the Incident.
    • A ‘Complete’ Incident will be marked as ‘In-Progress’ again when details of the Incident are edited.
    • ‘In-Progress’ Incidents will have to have details of who submitted/completed the incident details set again to mark Incidents as ‘Complete’.


  • Fixed: ‘Ownership’ option now does not automatically open.

Action Management;

  • Expanded to include all features and options from our Incident Management system.
  • No longer limited to just Assessments.
    • Future plans to remove Action Management restrictions to just Assessments and Incidents, to then also be used generically in the system…
  • Fixed: Action Types represented as general categories rather than specific to Incidents or Accidents, there is no restriction on which type of Action you can choose.
  • Fixed: Action Search filters allow filtering to Assessment and Incident types.
  • Fixed: Assigned Actions table sorting now works correctly.

User Settings;

  • Select your preferred assessment editor (for Task and COSHH Assessments) – Choose between the Wizard and the Full editor.
  • Select your preferred system theme – can override company setting.
    Not all features are available in the standard theme.
  • Choose your default language, saves time switching each time you login.

Company Settings;

  • User Management
    • User list sorts correctly by both names, rather than just surname, unless other sorting is applied to table.
  • RIDDOR report restrictions.
    • Reports of users accidentally selecting RIDDOR types of incident causing false alarms can now be stopped by restricting particular users from reporting RIDDORS, details below.
  • Risk Assessment Options
    • Custom Matrix Label input fields edited to show more of the text.


  • ‘Allow Reporting of RIDDORS’ permission added in Incidents section, allows users with this permission enabled in their user role to record a RIDDOR when the option in ‘Company Settings’ is switched on.
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