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An AI (that's artifical intelligence) that instantly converts an MSDS into a COSHH Assessment!

Alexis AI
COSHH365 Artifical Intelligence for COSHH Assessment Creation
What is it?

You have instant access to hundreds of thousands of template chemical risk assessments to which we add over 100 daily. This means that you have instant compliance with chemical safety law regarding having a risk assessment for your hazardous substances.
How does it work?

Using our Alexis™ you can instantly convert any MSDS into an 80% complete COSHH assessment that’s ready for you to add the finishing touches.
How can it help you?

It save you oodles and oodles of time, stress and money. It really is that simple and our service users tell us that our tutorial system is the finest tutorial system in the galaxy.

Amazing Features

Access to over 250,000 SDS

Instant access to the safety data sheets of all chemicals that your team use.

SDS Acquisition Service

If you need an SDS that isn’t in the library, you can upload your own or ask us to obtain it for you, simple!

COSHH automation!

The COSHH automation will extract the important information from your chemical’s SDS and add it directly to your COSHH risk assessment

Risk monitoring alerts

Pinpoint your high-risk assessments, and those that contain specific chemical hazards.

Multi-language support

Our COSHH365 system supports many languages, allowing your non-English team members to feel right at home.

Ask Ray™ and Live Chat support

Many of our customers highlight our friendly and quick-to-respond support team as being the best they’ve ever experienced. How can we help you?

Secure data

Your data will always be stored and transferred securely so you can rest at ease.

Team reports and analysis

Highlight your company departments and team members that are up to date, or that have overdue assessments.

Employee-friendly assessments

Our risk assessment documents make it really easy for your team members to acknowledge chemical risks and task hazards. Download sample assessment

Auto-populated MSDS Hazard Data

Managing and controlling your substance hazards quickly and effectively – when you add a substance to your library the hazardous data is extracted from the (M)SDS and added to your library against that substance for you. Saving you the time of adding the data and allowing you to get on with the more important tasks.
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Sevron Ltd is a leading risk assessment company that helps businesses stay fully compliant with COSHH regulations. With our COSHH 365 system, companies can produce simple and effective risk assessments for their entire business. At Sevron Ltd, we understand the importance of protecting your employees. So let us help you assess your risks and ensure your safety today.
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