Our Culture

Top 10 Values of the Sevronians

We take our values seriously here at Sevron, we believe if we stick to our values the best performance is gained from our work. These values are rules to abide by and it’s our main way of working. This enables us to get the most out of each other and will guarantee you a WOW experience unlike any you have ever experienced.

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We are Passionate

We believe we are in effect saving lives, this is a massive motivator and will help gain satisfaction from our job that makes it all worth it. With a great committed team chosen from across the country for their strengths and weaknesses we believe we can solve any of your problems or enquiries. We really are the experts in health and safety. We pride ourselves on how well we service your needs, whether you’re a small business to a giant we will treat you with professionalism and try our best to get you to becoming compliant so the Health and Safety Executives don’t have anything to hurt your business.

Our Team

We believe that to be successful the right people need to sit in the right seats and that’s exactly what our team are. Everybody has the ability to do the job but what matters most is that every team member meets our culture values. Each Sevronian might be an individual but together we work like well-oiled machine, reaching goals fast and effective.

Dan Ralphs

Head of Customer Solutions

Emma Baines

Head of Client Happiness

Philippa Bone

Software Developer

Jane Walker

Credit Control

Beth Coram

Customer Support

Luke Halliwell


Dale Allen



Team Mascot


Team Happiness

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