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Did You Know There's No Such Thing As COSHH Sheets?

You Are Looking For One Of Two Things (Legally Speaking) And We Can Help With Both!

By ‘COSHH Sheets’ you may be referring to one of two things, either a COSHH assessment or Safety Data Sheets, commonly referred to as MSDS or SDS. Here is a brief explanation of each of these:

COSHH Sheets – Option 1 – Are you looking for COSHH assessments?

COSHH assessments are the documents you need to have in place to ensure you have documented evidence you have risk assessed a particular task that one of your employee’s is carrying out as part of their job. COSHH assessments are specific to the use of hazardous substances and you can find more information about hazardous substances reading What is a Hazardous Substance? in our Resource and Learning Centre. It is your legal responsibility to have a COSHH assessment for every task carried out by your employees and you can create one free using this link or you may wish to watch our short introductory video first.

COSHH Sheets – Option 2 – Are you looking for Safety Data Sheets?

These are the documents you need so that you are able to create a COSHH assessment, they tell you most of what you need to know about the safe use of a particular substance. It is also a legal responsibility to ensure you have a Safety Data Sheet for each and every substance you use at work and that you keep them up-to-date as manufacturers revise them. We can give you access to our vast online library of managed Safety Data Sheets to save you an enormous amount of time contacting manufacturers. This is ONLY one part of the job however, merely having a library of up-to-date SDS is useless without a COSHH assessment covering how they are used. In fact, the Health and Safety Executive prosecute for lack of adequate risk assessment, so you need to ensure you have both these options for ‘COSHH Sheets’ in place.

Please take the next 90 seconds to watch our short video that will give you free access to create a task based COSHH assessment and access to Safety Data Sheets.

Here are a few of the many benefits to you:

  • Save time producing compliant COSHH assessments (or COSHH Sheets)
  • Feel good knowing your COSHH assessments (or COSHH Sheets) will impress auditors and HSE inspectors
  • Simplify the conveyance of safety information through displaying British Standard safety signs (multi-national appeal)
  • Look professional choosing a COSHH assessment software solution that gives you control
  • Peace-of-mind knowing all your safety data is backed up, secure and permanently available

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